French perfume houses are among the most celebrated in the world.
Perfume Path tours are leisurely walks to several perfume boutiques
in Paris and are designed to give an individual or small private group
a flavour of some of the most exclusive and niche perfume boutiques
in the world like Serge Lutens, Rosine, Frederic Malle, Guerlain to
name a few.
These tours are conducted in English and are private, therefore only individuals or people who form and sign up as a group will take part in the walk. In this way you can enjoy the perfumes in the comfort of your own pace, with your own friends or family. The walks last around two hours, depending on the path - there is a tea or coffee break in one of the lovely tea rooms or cafes in central Paris.
Please see further information the page on Fees for further details.

How to register for a Perfume Path tour?
Please contact us for further information, with your exact travel
dates and available dates to do a perfume path tour:  

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