"A visit to the "City of Light" is not complete without the opportunity to delight in the exquisite perfume houses of Paris! Having a guide who has mastered the French language, was helpful while visiting and interacting with the personnel of these establishments. The Perfume Paths experience was more than sniffing and sampling the cornucopia of fragrances available; Neela also shared some very interesting cultural aspects of her great city. Thank you for a wonderful day!" Theresa K, Downers Grove, IL USA

"I had a wonderful time on my Perfume Paths tour. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience, and it was so good to meet you. We had a wonderful time in Paris, I think for me, the highlights were the Perfume Tour, Notre Dame Cathedral and Versailles". ES, Ontario, Canada

"Thank you for such a wonderful day in Paris! It really was a dream come true. Just wanted to send you a note and thank you again for a fantastic experience". AE, Boston, USA

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